We believe in the importance of strong family connections and how photos and videos can capture what matters most. Something magical happens when we share these moments with those we love – it brings us closer together. Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne is on a mission to protect those moments and inspire families to share them (with ease) for generations to come.

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to experience luxury products and reliable in-home services that save you time and make it easy to enjoy your memories now with confidence that they’ll never be lost. Your memories will be managed and protected, while your space is decluttered and replaced with elegant home décor and premium, heart-melting gifts.

Preserving your memories

is important but until they’re shared with loved ones, they’re like a song that was written for someone special but never heard.

Capturing and sharing photos (and videos) is a love language to me. They help me remember the moments we treasure most. That’s why I’m so passionate about protecting and sharing them.

Creating beautiful memories

Top 3 ways to remove fear of losing your memories

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Turn your scrapbooks into digital memories.

Meet Kris

Kris LeDonne

Kris is a wife, mom of 2 kids and resident of northern NJ who has worked in the memory preservation field since 2002. As a young mom expecting her second baby, she had a fire in her home. The threat of losing her family memories to a fire brought out her passion for protecting and sharing family stories in lasting ways that stand the test of time, acts of nature and changing technologies.

Kris offers premium preservation products and services. She is known as a trusted professional who turns the clutter of family memories into an organized, accessible and easily sharable collection of beautiful moments you can enjoy for many years to come. When you put your precious memories in Kris’s hands, your stress, clutter and worry will be transformed into relief and joy.

As seen in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, October 2018.


What people are saying

“I have been blessed to have Kris bringing lost memories back to our family. Seeing my parents get married from an old reel home movie is something I would never have seen.”
– Joyce

“I gave Kris lots of family video tapes, albums and loose photos to digitize. I was able to relive memories of my parents, which meant the world to me, and my kids love having access to their memories.”
– Wendy

“Kris helped me create a special photo collage for my Dad’s 80th birthday. She was easy to work with and designed a beautiful gift that my whole family loves.”
– Kim

“It has been a joy to work with Kris. She handled my precious family keepsakes with the utmost care and respect. She quickly earned my trust and I can’t wait to plan more projects with her.”
– Mary


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