PEACE OF MIND comes when you know exactly where to find something that's important to you.  I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED that knowing where to find your things brings mental peace. Whether it’s a tool, a yearbook, a photo or anything! I could bombard you with research or we could simply take a moment for personal reflection.  IMAGINE: You’re getting ready [...]

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Assuming you've been streamlining your digital memories into a user-friendly online cloud storage like Google Photos, it's important to have a local backup for peace of mind. I compiled some thoughts to share with you and hope this will help you make the best decision for you! IF you haven't done that yet, I highly recommend going to my 4/6/2020 [...]

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Let’s do this!

Now is the PERFECT time to get those photos managed... or at least SOME of them so you can ENJOY them.  No, I'm not shouting, just using the CAPS to express my enthusiasm and encouragement during this strange new "normal" we're working with. "Social Distancing" is a term I never imagined but am so thankful for all officials, experts and [...]

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The power of reconnecting

I received a text recently that melted my heart into a puddle and just had to share! Cathy had me transfer some family film reels from her husband's childhood, with the intention to share them at their annual family Chinese New Year celebration.  A few days after their family gathering I received a text from Cathy in response to [...]

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