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Gratitude can help you purge excess photos. Does that sound odd to you? Practicing gratitude is an increasingly popular topic of discussion, and now experts are empowering us to use it amidst our global challenges. Please humor me for this short read, while I suggest how something you may already be practicing can offer much more than emotional benefits. Gratitude [...]

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Digital- DONE!

OK now that we've fully switched to a digital photo society (which yes, happened over time- some more gradual than others) it's important that we can still access the images that we cared enough to capture in the first place! Since there are so many formats, it's important to take some basic "prep" steps before diving in or you'll find [...]

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Let’s do this!

Now is the PERFECT time to get those photos managed... or at least SOME of them so you can ENJOY them.  No, I'm not shouting, just using the CAPS to express my enthusiasm and encouragement during this strange new "normal" we're working with. "Social Distancing" is a term I never imagined but am so thankful for all officials, experts and [...]

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